I’ve decided to make this a place of work. A place to share work I’ve made, or am currently making. While some pieces you will find here are relatively old, others are more newly minted, or emerging. Whatever their origin or age, I like they’ve found a home to share. And as I’ve brought them together, I’ve learned much about them, and myself.  I look forward to learning more.

What have I learned already?  That I’ve long been interested in the relationships people have.  With others, their environment and community. And in how they present, protect and promote them.  I’ve enjoyed learning how relationships are often codified, stories are told about connection, and I’ve sensed poetry emerging.

It’s that poetry I aim to liberate from real communities, and to construct from imagined ones.  And celebrate it in the language, signs and symbols that help us make sense of our relationships with each other and the time and space we share.

Welcome to our new home.

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