Step-stone strides to dry-bone the midstream
with a primate’s plan from upstream source to downriver destiny

Serving at my own pleasure,
flowing true, essential, urgent
and upright in the Light to countervail any counter-bore,
with a raven’s insight to spite eddying doubt

There’s room en route for a good few folk
living well, kindly and vividly-caulked
We sagacious waders meander rapidly
past bank-to-bank pedestrians,
and paddlers sodden and shallows-dragged

Until a marine moraine seasons our reach,
to foil the spectators silted in a temporal becalm
or parched, embanked and bleached to beach






These are exchanges in no kind
But a battering barter to order, the pyrrhic petition of a bitter green boast
Justice needs no parity of pain to justify a solo gain
As venality makes vain of a banal catastrophe
Never minding when it really mattered

No Wonder

Some arsenic waltz requiems a love monocarpic
Blooming ornamental and disinclined to entwine
With twine-strangled support at stake, and leaning just the one way
Scant nurture from that day forth ‘til that day gifted by fondest folks
Rarely remarked, just perennially card-marked
A stork’s brutal fly-past, as two scores ceremony no celebration
For a living, not a loving, sought
That sparse-nourished symbiont is blighted, dead-headed and hard-pruned to a vestige
Those paper pledges mocked to mulch the soil of a salt-watered bed
Where there was little hardy about those hearts’ bonds
Suppressed and un-weeded ‘til nothing much rosy remained


Legend’s tale told 5 bushels
through copse to maze
in Summer’s haze
my Fool in motley mind prances
to scatter distraction ‘neath trunk to root
and dig a diamond’s glimmer
to pierce clouds
with love-a-leaping

Two Bs blessèd

Uncommon Britons sire legend and play Spirit’s forbear
Feeding fortunes afar in a tenured holding small,
Or, as strong-built wader no boat can bear,
Cresting waves to the canvassed court of an imperial heart

Noble heads both host feast and merriment
With fay-brewed draughts from a poet’s inexhaustible cauldron
For one a ship’s-depth of quenching, the other sips of hope for a homestead

One briefly dwelled a palace pledged for spoils
Crown bent to prophesy, removed, now fending feud
With Gallic gaze ‘neath invader’s walls of white

Ours, proud protector, broad shoulder-borne and poised in honour still
Hod-bearing a hearth, built strong in bonds more familial than feudal
Drawing loyalty from blood not booty
To battle likeminds instead on fields of play

Twin countrymen’s voices raised sonorous in God’s-own booming pitch
‘gainst supernatural Dwarven-echo from mountains black
Both barding coal-fletched thought and memory on Tower-dweller’s wing

They are the best of men, both Uther Ben.